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Composting 101: What To Compost (Infographic)

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Composting 101: What To Compost (Infographic)

Did you know about half of the stuff you throw away is compostable? That's an unsettling fact but if you are interested in learning what to compost then we've got your covered with our ultimate guide to composting.

Composting reduces the need for chemical fertilizes, enriches the soil and lessens methane emissions. This means your composting efforts will be well worth it, especially since a compost pile can be as valuable as gold.

To get started it's essential you learn how to build your own compost pile or bin, which can be done even in small spaces (see second infographic). Fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds and eggshells fall in the ''what to compost'' category but did you know shredded paper, cardboard and wood chips are also compostable? 

Here are some helpful guidelines for composting:

“Compost 101
Via Seeds Now

If you don't have a backyard or access to outdoor space this visual guide will help you get the job done in an apartment or condo. You'll get tons of tips for building a sturdy compost container that will result in rich soil you can use to fertilize plants and lawns or share with friends. Ready to get started?

“Compost in Small Spaces
Via Eco Watch

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