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What the World Eats - An Interactive Infographic

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What the World Eats - An Interactive Infographic

Ever wondered what your parents ate when they were your age, even what their parents ate? Daily diets have changed drastically over the course of time and what we consume today is usually very different to what our parents ate.

Our diets change even more if you start to look at differences around the world. Lifestyle, personal taste, economic, geographical, social and a whole list of other factors effect our daily diets and when you break down what people eat country by country, you quickly see some obvious differences.

To try and show these differences in a simple and interesting way, National Geographic have created a wonderful interactive infographic that explains food consumption has changed over the past 50 years in a number of different countries around the world.

Using data from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations statistical division, they mapped food consumption from 1961 to 2011 from 22 different countries.

The chart can be switched to show the difference in grams and calories consumed and each section features info on the food the specific countries consume and produce.

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