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Beginners Guides to Knives and Cutting

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Beginners Guides to Knives and Cutting

We really can’t stress the importance of knowing your knives in the kitchen, it’s a fundamental skill and one that you will use everyday as a chef.

The infographic below offers some great tips for those just starting out in cooking, with a breakdown of different styles of knives and the many different cuts a chef can choose to use when preparing dishes.

Knives are split between chef’s, bread, fillet, carving, boning and pairing with tips given on what ingredients each knife should be used on.

There’s also some tips on the perfect dice and some different cutting techniques displayed with diagrams on how they’re actually performed.



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    I wonder sometimes how many people actually know their knives. Like how many people pull a random knife form an old block and then use it incorrectly. This infographic provides a good example of knives along with other helpful knife skills. Another skill that is often forgotten is Kitchen Knife Care. Many people throw their knives into the dishwasher and then into the draw without considering that they are damaging their knives each time.

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