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What is Yuzu and How to Cook with it

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What is Yuzu and How to Cook with it

Yuzu is one of the fruit trends we've seen growing traction in recent years. Perhaps you've heard its name popping up on TV cookery shows or seen it appearing on menus, cropping up in anything from ice cream to cocktails and asked yourself - actually, what is Yuzu?!

We take a closer look at the exotic bijoux sized citrus fruit that's a chef favourite and just as happy in sweet or savoury dishes adding a distinctly enticing edge.

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a citrus fruit native to eastern Asia and widely used in Japanese cuisine. Its skin is thick, yellow, slightly bumpy, and its size oscillates between that of a lemon and a small orange.

What does Yuzu Taste Like?

Like all citrus fruits, yuzu is slightly acidic balanced with an intense flavour and floral notes. - think of a flavour profile anywhere between a cross between a lemon, lime and mandarin. Plus, there's the added bonus they contain three times as much citrus as lemons.

Where can you buy yuzu?

Fresh yuzu might be hard to find readily available without going to a specialist grocer, depending on where you live.  If it is not season, you can always buy yuzu powder, yuzu juice or yuzu syrup all year round.

How to do you cook yuzu?

In Japanese cuisine, yuzu zest is usually used as a condiment and its juice as a seasoning. It can be used both in sweet and salty or spicy preparations.

Cocktails, teas, ice cream and sorbets all benefit from yuzu essence.



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Here are some more unusual examples of chef yuzu-based recipes:

Yuzu Jellies by Nuno Mundes

This recipe from the popular Portuguese chef harnesses the acidity of yuzu in refreshing petits fours finished off with a sprinkling of ume-shiso. Find out how .

Yuzu Ice Cream by Gaggan Anand

Yuzu syrup is the star of the ice cream in this inspired recipe which was born of a unique chef collaboration in the Philippines. Find the recipe here.


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