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What Exactly Is Rose Water? How Do I Cook With It?

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What Exactly Is Rose Water? How Do I Cook With It?

One of the easiest ways to add a little oomph to your cooking is to employ the use of exotic spices and ingredients. That's why rose water is at the top of our list.

This fragrant liquid is prized in the Middle East and India where it is used to perfume desserts, drinks and even savory dishes.

What Is Rose Water? How is it Made?

Rose water is literally distilled water from rose petals. The process involves simmering fresh rose petals in water and collecting the drops of water that accumulate on the lid of the cooking vessel.

Making rose water isn't complicated at all. In fact, this video from YouTuber Evescafe illustrates the process from beginning to end (she uses rose water for cosmestic purposes but the cooking process is the same):

How To Cook with Rose Water

Perhaps it's hard to believe but rose water is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used to perk up just about any dish - sweet or savory.

For instance, legendary Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci was a fan of drinking rose water with lemon and honey.

Here is Da Vinci's original recipe.

Savory Dip with A Touch of Rose Water

Now, when it comes to savory recipes adding just a touch of water to sauces makes a huge difference. This recipe for roasted rainbow carrots with rose water tahini dip is simply sensational.

Get the full recipe now.

Desserts: The Best Culinary Use for Rose Water

Traditional panna cotta is delicious but when rose water is added to the mix it becomes sublime. 

Make this rose water panna cotta next time you are entertaining.

French macarons are another decadent treat to prepare with rose water. This recipe from YouTuber Byron Talbott will have you licking your fingers:

Still hungry? Black garlic is another fascinating ingredient to cook with - here's how to use it.

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