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What Is Mise En Place? Here's Why It's Important

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What Is Mise En Place? Here's Why It's Important
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Are you the type of cook that just dives right into a recipe only to find you are missing a key ingredient mid-way through cooking? Have you ever gotten ready to bake only to realize you forgot to preheat the oven? Or do you end up making a big mess that makes clean up a headache? There's a better way to cook and it all begins with mise en place.

What is mise en place? It's the French term for "putting in place" and denotes a certain organization a cook should follow for the successful preparation of a meal.

One could just say "forget fancy French words, I can still be an awesome cook" but the fact is that cooking isn't just about the final dish - it's a process that entails gathering ingredients, chopping vegetables, preparing meats and procuring the proper cooking equipment.

Proper mise en place creates a certain flow in your kitchen that allows for:

  • quicker prep
  • easier cleanup
  • quicker cooking time 

Now that the question of what is mise en place has been answered, all that's left is learning what it actually looks like. Enter chef Keith Schroeder who demonstrates what mise en place entails in this helpful video below. Trust us, applying these culinary organizational skills will make a world of difference in your kitchen:

What about you? Do you practice mise en place in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments below!

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