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What Is Maple Water? Get To Know This Superfood

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What Is Maple Water? Get To Know This Superfood

One day it’s kale. The next day is coconut water. The search for superfoods is never ending and although maple water has been around for ages it is seeing a resurgence among health-conscious foodies.

What is maple water? Just as the name implies, this is water that comes from maple trees. In fact, it is the “sap” collected from maple trees before it is boiled down into syrup. It is naturally sweet but nowhere as intense as maple syrup.

Let's take a look at why it has reached superfood status:

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Maple Water vs. Coconut Water

Maple water contains half the sugar of coconut water but both are naturally rich in minerals and electrolytes that help keep you hydrated.

Also, maple water has zero fat and only 30 calories per 12 ounce serving (355ml). Ounce per ounce, coconut water has twice as many calories and a trace of fat.

Other Benefits of Maple Water

One of the surprising benefits of maple water is that it is rich in calcium and the antioxidant manganese, which may regulate blood sugar and thyroid function. Manganese also encourages nutrient absorption and aids in bone development.

This tasty water also contains malic acid which helps enhance energy and reduce fatigue post workout.

How To Use Maple Water

Aside from drinking maple water there are plenty of ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Try adding it to smoothies, cocktails, oatmeal or using it to poach fruit.

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