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Michelin Chef Explains The Art of Kaiseki Cuisine

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Michelin Chef Explains The Art of Kaiseki Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is rich, varied, creative and delicious. Fish lovers consider it for sushi while the meat lovers note the country for its ramen, however, there’s a lot more to Japanese cuisine than most people assume. 

Kaiseki cuisine, a series of small dishes that display a set of dfferent skills from the chef, is a wonderful example of just how intricate and distinctive Japanese cuisine can be.

This art of kaiseki is fully on display at the Ginza Koju restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. A two Michelin starred restaurant that’s famous for their intimate dining room and chef Toru Okuda’s top class kaiseki cooking.

In the videos below, produced by Savor Japan, Okuda explains his own approach to serving kaiseki, the skills involved and shows off some of the restaurants signature dishes.

As a bonus, there's also a second video in which Okuda explains how to eat kaiseki.

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