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What is Elephant Garlic?

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What is Elephant Garlic?
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Have you ever been shopping for garlic only to be wowed by ginormous bulbs labeled as elephant garlic? What is it exactly? Is it just a giant form of garlic? How can you use it?

Join Fine Dining Lovers as we unearth the goodness behind elephant garlic.

What is elephant garlic?

You may be surprised to know that this giant-looking garlic bulb isn't really garlic at all. In fact, elephant garlic belongs to the same family as leeks and possesses a much milder flavor than traditional garlic.

Fun fact: due to its large size elephant garlic generally contains just six cloves.


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How To Use Elephant Garlic

Thanks to its mild garlic flavor elephant garlic makes a great addition to raw dishes like dips and vinaigrettes. It can also be roasted and combined with seafood, poultry and meats for a spectacular meal. Below are some ideas to inspire you to use elephant garlic in your kitchen:

Elephant Garlic Aioli

Elephant garlic is ideal for sauces like aioli. Use one elephant garlic clove in this aioli recipe instead of three regular garlic cloves for a subtler flavor.

Avocado Spread with Elephant Garlic

This delectable avocado spread contains hard-boiled eggs and quark cheese. You can substitute the garlic called for in this recipe for a single clove of elephant garlic. You'll love the results!

Grilled Elephant Garlic

image via Cooking on the Weekends

The size of elephant garlic makes it easy to grill. You'll love this creative side dish from Cooking on the Weekends.

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