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Should We Redefine the Sandwich?

By FDL on

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Should We Redefine the Sandwich?

Ever wondered what a sandwich is? No, we mean, seriously wondered about what a sandwich is? The answer is probably no, until you watch this clever video from The Atlantic.

You might think it’s quite an obvious question but 20 seconds in to the video and you’ll realise just how confused we are about the definition of sandwiches.

A sandwich must exist of two exterior pieces that are separate or mostly separate, it must be carbohydrate based and it must have a horizontal orientation as well as being portable.

It seems a bit of a long winded explantation but when you realise that burritos are currently being classed as sandwiches in New York and you see where the argument stems from. This new definition also allows for even the wackiest of creations to come out and proudly proclaim to be a sandwich.

Take a look.

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