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What are Lima Beans and How to Cook with Them

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What are Lima Beans and How to Cook with Them

Lima beans, also known as butter beans or sieva beans might not top everyone's list of favourite vegetables, including a rebellious Bart Simpson, but with their buttery, velvety texture, nutritional credentials, accessibility and versatility, don't push them to the back of the shelf just yet.

Where do Lima beans come from?

Native to South America, Lima beans have a long and interesting history, boasting the title of one of the oldest beans to come out of the New World. The plump kidney shaped bean is available either frozen, canned or dried making them a convenient stand by ingredient.

Benefits of Lima Beans

Like many other legumes, Lima beans come stacked with nutritional credentials  including wholesome minerals and nutrients, like high quality protein and soluble and insoluble fibre, all of which mean good news for the body.

How to Cook with Lima Beans?

Lima beans have versatile uses and are characteristically found in succotash, a Southern USA favorite that combines limas with corn, sweet bell peppers and okra.

Sauteed or slow baked with bacon and tomatoes, added to minestrone and soups, blanched and added to salads or blitzed up to make lima bean hummus, here are some lima bean recipes which will have them topping your shopping list.

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