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5 Creative Ways To Use Fresh Mint In Every Day Dishes

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5 Creative Ways To Use Fresh Mint In Every Day Dishes

Growing up, our back fence was always covered in lush bushes of mint whose perfume lingered in the air all summer long. As kids we would tear off leaves and snack on them, savoring the tangy sweetness they released in our mouths.

Although I still enjoy plucking fresh mint leaves and taking a whiff of their aroma, my relationship with this summer herb has evolved into a much more passionate affair. Nowadays, fresh mint finds its way into everything from pitchers of lemonade and cocktails to sauces, meat marinades and dessert.

In reality, there are countless ways of incorporating this versatile herb into your cooking. Below are are five great ideas to get you started.

Creative Ways To Use Fresh Mint This Summer

Add Fresh Mint To Meatballs

Along with scallions and lemon balm, mint perks up the flavor of ordinary chicken meatballs. Since it's used in small amounts and accompanied by stronger flavors like sesame, the flavor of mint won't overpower these delicate meatballs

Make Mint Oil For Pasta

In this fascinating recipe from Italian chef Davide Oldani, mint replaces basil in spaghetti pomodoro. Infusing oil with mint and also using the fresh herb as a garnish gives a modern touch to this classic Italian dish of pasta and tomato sauce.

Pair Mint with Swordfish

If you are keen on pairing mint with pasta, give this Sicilian recipe for linguini with swordfish a try. Fresh mint marries perfectly with tomatoes, garlic and white wine to produce a delicate sauce for this seafood dish.

Add Fresh Mint To Yogurt

Mint and yogurt are a natural pairing as you'll see first hand when you prepare these chicken tikka patties with minty yogurt sauce. Mint refreshes your palate while yogurt balances the spice of this delicious Indian recipe.

Make a Minty Dessert

Indulge your sweet tooth with this fragrant dessert made with grapefruit, honey, ginger and peppermint. If you like rice pudding, you could also try making this exotic minty cream of basmati.

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