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7 Great Ways To Use Caviar Like A Boss

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7 Great Ways To Use Caviar Like A Boss

Caviar has long been regarded as the ultimate indulgence. Purists insist its best eaten on its own, scooped up with a mother of pearl spoon and pressed lightly against your tongue so you can feel the caviar pop.

Another lovely way to use caviar is to add a dollop to your favorite foods. Naturally, you should purchase the highest quality caviar you can afford but keep in mind that a little goes a long way

Of course, you could always pair champagne with caviar and call it a day. However, if you are looking for great ways to use caviar give these recipes a try whenever you are feeling a little extravagant. Plus, don't miss these tips on the proper way to serve and eat caviar.

Egg Yolk, Crayfish and Caviar

This sumptuous dish comes to us from chef Nandu Jubany.

It features a harmonious blend of crayfish, pureed cauliflower and a coddled egg. All topped with Imperial caviar.

Here is the gourmet recipe.

Gnocchi, Smoked Butter and Caviar

Ricotta gnocchi taste even more glorious with this special blend of smoked butter, parmigiano reggiano and caviar.

Get the must-try recipe.

Seared Scallops with Caviar 

Osetra caviar and a potato-chive mousseline take this seared scallop appetizer to a different level of deliciousness. 

Learn how to make it.

Canapés with Salmon, Crabmeat and Caviar

This gourmet appetizer is a blend of goat cheese, smoked salmon, crabmeat and your choice of caviar.

Get the recipe now.

San Remo Shrimp with Caviar

This stunning Italian seafood appetizer made with Sevruga caviar, spring onions and fresh shrimp.

Here is the elegant recipe.

'Pontormo' Salad with Caviar

Inspired by 16th century Italian painter Jacopo Pontormo, this salad blends lettuce, pancetta, cheese and caviar.

Try the tempting recipe.

Scrambled Eggs with Caviar

Adding salmon roe to scrambled eggs is a great way of adding a luxurious touch to breakfast or brunch.

Find the recipe right this way.

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