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Watch: 12 Delicious Ways to Cook an Egg

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Watch: 12 Delicious Ways to Cook an Egg
Photo Matthew Murdoch/flickr

What is it about eggs that makes them such a beloved ingredient? Is it for their simple convenience? Their nutritional credentials? The sheer number of ways there are to cook an egg? Or is it just the unbridled joy that comes from a simple omelette perfectly executed or that moment of dipping a buttered soldier into the golden yolk of a soft-boiled egg?

Whatever it is, Rusch Meyer has captured it all in the video 12 things you can do with an egg. In just a couple of minutes the filmmaker touches on 12 different egg recipes, including sweet and savoury and even drinks, where the egg is the undisputed star of the show.

There are the classics, like scrambled eggs, but also more involved recipes like Australian Pavlova cake and the portable snack food that is the Scotch Egg. And it's quite possible your life will never be the same again after seeing the beauty of graved Eggs, "marinated" yolks in salt and sugar, with an oozing interior.


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