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11 Kitchen Hacks for Using Salt Around the Home

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11 Kitchen Hacks for Using Salt Around the Home

Salt is a kitchen essential kitchen ingredient and aside from its fundamental role in seasoning it can also come in handy in a surprising number of kitchen tasks.

Apart from making fries extra special, check out our kitchen hacks, from testing egg freshness to getting your pans sparkling clean and see how many ways you already use salt around the kitchen below:

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Harold McGee on the Science of Salt

Ways of Using Salt

1. Testing egg freshness.  A fresh egg sinks in salted water, while an older egg will float.

2. Preventing sliced fruit from browning. Sliced fruit browning can be slowed down by adding lemon juice. Soaking the pre-cut fruit in salted water works likewise.

3. Oven spillages. Cover oven spillages with salt and continue cooking—this produces a crust around the spilled food that is easy to scrape off when the oven returns to room temperature.

4. Cleaning cast iron pans. Pour salt into cast-iron pans, make it into a paste by adding a bit of water, and scrub to clean. This paste can also remove rust, clean stained cups and plates, and even brighten copper pots. See more in the video below.

5. Pest Control. Keep bugs at bay by making a wall of salt at entry points which discourages insects like ants walking across it.

6. Removing red wine stains. Pouring salt over spilled wine can help remove red wine spillages by absorbing the wine out of the fabric.

7. Brine solution. Soak meat in a brine solution to make it more tender, like that thanksgiving turkey.

8. Cooking Fish. Make a salt crust for a succulent way of cooking fish. Here are 7 ways to salt bake fish.

9. Cleaning cutting boards. To clean a cutting board scour the surface with coarse salt and a lemon half or lemon juice.

10. Hard-Boiled Eggs Saver Prevent egg shells from breaking while boiling by adding salt to the water. 

11. Preserving food with salt. Salt is an age old technique of preserving meat and fish. Try this kitchen hack for giving lemons extra life. Find out more.

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