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Get Fresh this Summer with Watermelon and Mint Salad

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Get Fresh this Summer with Watermelon and Mint Salad

In search of a light summer dish? Look no further than a simple watermelon and mint salad.

Juicy, sweet and refreshing watermelon paired with zingy mint for extra freshness, what could be more befitting of a summer's day? We explain how.

To rustle up your own supremely simple watermelon and mint salad: cut the flesh from a fresh watermelon into equal bite size pieces with pips removed, place into a bowl, add in some chopped fresh mint, squeeze over some fresh lime, combine and taste to make sure flavours are balanced. If you're looking for extra flavour, add in some freshly ground salt and cayenne pepper, and mix prior to serving.

To save time the salad can be made the day before and kept refrigerated, keep the fresh mint separate and add when serving time comes.

How to cut up a watermelon:

Watermelons can be cumbersome and difficult to manage, but adapt this simple technique and it becomes relatively easy:

A basic Watermelon and mint salad can be easily modified with the addition of other ingredients, including, feta cheese, red onion and salad dressings. We have some more great recipes to tempt you including, watermelon with shrimp salad and watermelon and goat's cheese salad.

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