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Watermelon Fruit Pizza: The End of Summer Trend on Instagram

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Watermelon Fruit Pizza: The End of Summer Trend on Instagram
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We all know how refreshing a slice of fresh watermelon can be. Juicy, sweet and hydrating, watermelon is the perfect summer fruit. You may have experimented with adding watermelon to your salads, but did you know you can also make a watermelon fruit pizza?

Watermelon fruit pizzas are taking Instagram by storm. It's the late summer treat one should enjoy before autumn makes its first appearance. How do you make it? We'll give you the details plus some inspirational pictures so you can compose your own Instagram-worthy watermelon fruit pizza.

What is Watermelon Fruit Pizza?

To make a watermelon fruit pizza the watermelon is cut into thick rounds (about an inch thick). The rounds are then sliced just like a pizza and each triangle is decorated with anything from fresh berries and whipped cream or creme fraiche to caramel sauce, yogurt, herbs, and even soft cheese. Even savory versions exist with cured ham, balsamic vinegar, and more!

More Inspiration From Instagram

Want to make a truly stunning watermelon fruit pizza? Get some inspiration from these gorgeous watermelon pizzas taking Instagram by storm:


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