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5 Refreshing Watermelon Desserts

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5 Refreshing Watermelon Desserts
Photo © StockFood / Haurylik, Alena

Fresh and juicy watermelons lend themselves pefectly to watermelon desserts come the warmer months.

Whilst watermelon is delicious on its own, there are also a number of other ways of enjoying them in suitably fresh dessert recipes.

Try working them into delicious frozen desserts like sorbet and granita for a refreshing finish to a meal on a hot day, or simply pairing them with strawberries or into a pastry filling.

Here are 5 of our mouth-watering watermelon desserts that'll mean you're never short on ideas of how to put the delicious melon to good use.

And if the thought of tackling a watermelon seems a little daunting when it comes to preparation time, here's a handy video guide on how you can easily slice it up.





If you love pastry try this deliciously light dessert, perfect for the warmer months: melon, watermelon and cream filling sandwiched between puff pastry. 

Watermelon Jelly

Looking for an easy no bake dessert? Try this easy watermelon jelly recipe for all the colour and flavour, with none of the fuss.

Nectarine and Water Melon Sorbet

Watermelon and nectarine are paired beautifully in this naturally sweet and extremely refreshing, delicately coloured sorbet.

Watermelon Granita

Try this wonderful watermelon granita made with just four ingredients: fresh watermelon, sugar, lemon juice and sugar.

Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar

For an ultra simple dessert using fresh fruit, try this lovely combination of strawberries, watermelon and balsamic vinegar, with a touch of honey.

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