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Sparkling Or Still: Differences In Water Tasting

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Sparkling Or Still: Differences In Water Tasting

In the past weeks we've learnt why to conduct a water tasting, the perfect water tasting technique and which are the best tools for a water tasting: today it's time to know the specific characteristics of S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna waters tasting.

Pellegrino is brilliant, lacking in any distracting odour, with a fairly dense perlage of reasonably fine bubbles in abundance. The immediate impression on the taste buds is one of tingling freshness, followed by moderate acidity that stimulates salivation, while the high mineral content leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Generally speaking, S.Pellegrino has a commendable structure, and leaves behind a persistent and gratifying sensation.

cqua Panna is limpid and luminous and has neither effervescence nor any offputting odour, and at the first sip has a pleasant, fresh taste. Acqua Panna is low-acid in type, and carries few mineral salts, without however impairing its structure. To the taste it is light as a feather, pleasantly soft and velvety. Acqua Panna shows a perfect balance in all its components, while the sensations induced linger in the nose and mouth for an appreciable period of time.


This text is taken from The S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna Water Codex, a book written by international sommelier Giuseppe Vaccarini and Claudia Moriondo (Doctorate in Food Preparation Science). With this book S.Pellegrino  & Acqua Panna  studied and codified the guidelines, the best techniques and tools to conduct water tasting, with the aim to create a common language for everyone who whish to explore this topic.

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