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Water Tasting: How To Perfectly Pair Water and Wine

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Water Tasting: How To Perfectly Pair Water and Wine
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When hosting a dinner party, the quality of the water you serve is just as important as the wine you've bought to impress your guests. Together, your water and wine selection should compliment and harmonize each other.

As you sip water throughout the evening, it should cleanse the palate and bring out the nuances in your wine. For instance, not just any wine will stand up to the bold flavor of sparkling mineral water like S. Pellegrino. This choice of water begs to be paired with an assertive wine with a higher alcohol content. Whereas, the delicateness of Acqua Panna would be drowned with that pairing. This particular selection of water is better fit for wines that are less agressive and contain lower levels of alcohol.

To learn the ins and out of harmonizining water and wine, we recommend you get a hold of The S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna Water Codex, a book written by international sommelier Giuseppe Vaccarini and Claudia Moriondo (Doctorate in Food Preparation Science).

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