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Water Tasting: How To Pair Water, Wine And Food

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Water Tasting: How To Pair Water, Wine And Food

In the past weeks we've learnt why to conduct a water tasting, the perfect water tasting technique and which are the best tools for a water tasting: today it's time to know ten rules to harmonize S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna waters, wines and food to reach the perfect combination that brings out the best qualities.

Water, food and wine are basic features of every dinner. It comes to no surprise to anyone that food and wine are “paired” together, yet the notion that water must also harmonize with both of these may cause some to smile, shake their heads and be puzzled. There are many reasons why perfect harmony is needed among these three features.

Creating the perfect harmony is therefore not a form of pretension or contrivance. It is virtually a need, an indispensable obligation so that we may be assured all of the pleasure that fine dining has to offer. The fundamental rule in pursuing, achieving and optimizing pleasure in dining is that neither the aroma nor the flavor of one of these three items should prevail over the others.

By following this principle, we can say that for foods and wines that are not very intense or persistent in their sensations, the accompanying water must be still, with low fixed residue and a low quantity of salts, and therefore must be balanced, refreshing, soft and smooth with light, subtle aromas.

On the other hand, the water that is best matched with foods and wines that are structured, complex and have full, persistent flavors and aromas should be slightly acidic, sapid, pleasingly refreshing and have medium-sized bubbles. At the end of the meal, if you wish to rinse your mouth in a manner that prolongs the soft, smooth sensations left on the palate by the dishes you’ve enjoyed, drink Acqua Panna.

If, instead, you wish to remove the organoleptic sensations, choose S.Pellegrino. These are very general rules that need to be studied more deeply. The harmonization between water, wine and food is a far too complex and articulated subject to be fully covered by these few words. It deserves to be further developed in a specific project.


This text is taken from The S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna Water Codex, a book written by international sommelier Giuseppe Vaccarini and Claudia Moriondo (Doctorate in Food Preparation Science). With this book S.Pellegrino  & Acqua Panna  studied and codified the guidelines, the best techniques and tools to conduct water tasting, with the aim to create a common language for everyone who whish to explore this topic.

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