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WATCH: This Is Your Brain on Sugar

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WATCH: This Is Your Brain on Sugar

Zucchero. Azúcar. Sucre. Zucker. Khanda. Sugar by any other name is still just as sweet. It's the one ingredient that's indispensable in making desserts like grandma's killer chocolate cake. But what is it about sugar that makes people crave it?

This lovely animated TED-Ed video by Dr. Nicole Avena illustrates how your brain reacts to sugar. In a nutshell, sugar causes dopamine levels to rise similar to the way drugs do (but to a lesser extent). After the sugar high comes the crash and that's just when your body will crave more of the sweet stuff.

What's interesting is that Dr. Avena, a neurologist, sheds light on foods most people don't realize contain sugar like yogurt, tomato sauce, flavored water and granola bars. Watch the video below - it's a great way to spend five minutes:

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