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7 Michelin Chefs Cook Sauces

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7 Michelin Chefs Cook Sauces

Making a great sauce in the kitchen is something that defines good chefs from great chefs. Knowing a good range of different sauces is something that will improve your cooking a lot.

We’ve covered the classic mother sauces, the classic daughter sauces and many sauces between, and now we’re looking at Michelin chefs making a range of sauces.

Yes, we’ve covered most of these sauce recipes in the past but having the chance to watch the likes of Heston Blumenthal, Raymond Blanc and Michel Roux make sauces is a privilege.

In the videos below, all featuring chefs from Michelin kitchens, you’ll see white sauce, mayonnaise, béchamel, even sabayon and caramel sauce all being prepared by chefs at the top of the game.

Gordon Ramsay makes a classic white sauce

Phil Howard makes mayonnaise

Heston Blumenthal makes hollandaise

Russell Brown makes Béchamel sauce

Michel Roux makes red wine sauce

Raymond Blanc makes lemon sabayon

Simon Jenkins makes caramel Sauce

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