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Watch Jacques Pépin Debone a Chicken like a Master

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Watch Jacques Pépin Debone a Chicken like a Master

Legendary French chef Jacques Pépin holds the the audience in thrall as he explains about the importance of learning the craft of cooking so that you can use that as a platform to express your talent.

Today Pépin is a seasoned pro, in the kitchen, on camera and in front of a live audience. In evidence here as he opened MAD5 with his daughter.

Pépin was just 13 when he left home to take up an apprenticeship at a kitchen that was in 1949, and over the years, he has learned his craft and gleaned knowledge from many, many chefs. Back then, learning was more by osmosis. The chef didn’t teach as such, they simply did, and then one day, you had to do it too.

While we could listen to Pépin’s dulcet gallic tones all day, actions speak louder than words, as he demonstrates how we can learn from osmosis too, watching him making chicken galantine and a traditional omelette.

The chicken is completely deboned such a skilful manner as to elicit spontaneous applause from the crowd. Pépin is a master at work and at MAD5, with the audience full of kitchen professionals, his artistry is fully appreciated.

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