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WATCH: How To Make Tuscan Bean Salad

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WATCH: How To Make Tuscan Bean Salad
Photo CIA/Youtube

Tuscany is legendary for its simple but delicious food dressed in fine olive oil and other local high-quality products. One of the popular recipes from the region is  Tuscan bean salad. 

With the help of chef Scott Samuel from the Culinary Institute of America you'll be well on your way to discovering what makes Tuscan bean salad so irresistible. This particular recipe calls for a trio of beans, red peppers, red onions, olives, garlic and herbs.

The vinaigrette is a blend of balsamic and apple cider vinegars along with shallots and extra virgin olive oil. Grilled crimini mushrooms are the final touch that provide meatiness and additional flavor.

There are various versions of Tuscan bean salad but you'll really enjoy this recipe with a modern touch. Watch below:

Via CIA Network/Youtube

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