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Want Healthy Hair? Eat These Foods

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Want Healthy Hair? Eat These Foods

The health benefits of certain foods have been known for a while - oily fish is supposedly good for the brain while vegetables high in vitamin c good for the skin.

Hair is one of the things on a human that is also affected by what they eat and healthy looking hair can apparently be achieved with a few simple dietary changes.

Beans, salmon, nuts and poultry are just some of the foods that have a beneficial impact on the hair.

This infographic from Bite Size Wellness sets out 10 top foods that will have a good affect on your hair and luckily for all of us, Oysters are on the lists.

Bite Size Wellness
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    Great tips for getting healthy hair. The most important element of beauty is the hair. It is very essential to take proper care of hair. One of the research says that stress is the major reason for hair loss. The survey also described about hair beauty supply online products from , that are good for maintaining healthy and long hair. I also read on the web that spinach is good to battle brittle hair. Protein and iron rich diet is also needed to keep the hair healthy.

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