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Balancing Flavors with Chef Matthias Schmidt

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Balancing Flavors with Chef Matthias Schmidt

When it comes to truly great meals and chefs one of the differentiating factors between good and great chefs is just how well they combine flavors on the plate.

A great chef knows just how to take the perfect elements of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy from each ingredient and pair them perfectly on the plate - matching textures with smooth, crunch, soft and hard and that's before you mention colors, shapes and arrangement.

A truly beautiful dish is well conceived, well thought out, practiced and executed perfectly - a process that is often only apparent when hearing chefs talk about their dishes.

In this video from the chef Matthias Schmidt, of the two Michelin starred Villa Merton restaurant in Frankfurt, you really begin to appreciate the process behind the creation of a new dish.

The chef discuses how he conceived and created a new dessert using fresh sorrel leaves, juniper berries, juniper infused ice cream, apple and a whole array of other interesting ingredients to perfectly try and balance each flavor on the plate.

It's an interesting watch and a great look behind the scenes of the thought process of a chef.

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