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Enjoy An Easy And Tasty Vegetarian Couscous

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Enjoy An Easy And Tasty Vegetarian Couscous
Photo Myriam M. J. Rondeau/Flickr

Are you intimated by Moroccan cuisine? Don't be! Arm yourself with confidence and a handful of vegetables and head into the kitchen to make this superb vegetarian Moroccan couscous dish. 

In theory, you can use any vegetables you wish but this vegetarian couscous recipe calls for carrots, zucchini, eggplants, white cabbage and tomatoes. The veggies are sauteed with chili pepper and laced with saffron, which lends its exotic flavoring and color to this vegetarian dish. A crown of pine nuts decorates the dish once its done.

This satisfying vegetarian couscous can be served on its own or complimented with a stew for the meat lovers at the table. Suitable accompaniments are roast lamb with garlic and black sugar or braided pork loin in a balsamic glaze. A lemon delight is the perfect dessert to cleanse your palate after this fabulous Moroccan feast.

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