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Delicious Vegetable Side Dishes

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Delicious Vegetable Side Dishes
Photo Miss_Yasmina/Flickr

If you are looking to round out your meals, give these vegetable side dishes a try. They're flavorful and a great excuse to sneak some veggies onto the plates of finicky eaters.

These zucchini blossoms filled with ricotta are a complete delight. If you've never tried them you are in for a treat, just make sure to use good quality ricotta cheese.

If you're keen on cooking hands-free then make these roast potatoes with chanterelles (pictured below). Chop your veggies, toss everything together and stick it all in the oven and...voilà!

Throwing a barbecue? These red bell peppers stuffed with rice, tomatoes and olives make a great compliment to grilled meats. They'd be perfect with a simple green salad.

You can't miss this eggplant caponata, an Italian side dish that is also ideal for picnics since it can be served warm or cold. It's best when accompanied by crusty Italian bread.

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