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Vegetable Cooking Times: Here's The Cheat Sheet You've Been Dreaming Of

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Vegetable Cooking Times: Here's The Cheat Sheet You've Been Dreaming Of

Vegetable cooking times can be puzzling. With certain vegetables it's easy to assess the cooking time but others require definite timing to get the optimum results.

Fortunately, this cheat sheet from Fan Drop sets out some tips for cooking a range of different vegetables. It offers vegetable cooking times for boiling, steaming and even the microwave - although we usually avoid nuking our veg at FDL HQ. 

Since the infographic focuses on methods that don't require added fat you won't find cooking times for roasted or sautéed veggies. But this is still a wonderful resource you may want to consult often.

Cooking Time For Green Beans

To ensure green beans are cooked just right (bright green but with a slight crunch) we have to consider the method we want to use.

Boiled 6-8 min
Steamed 5-8 min
Microwaved 3-4 min.

Cooking Time for Asparagus

If you love asparagus but are not quite sure how to cook them, here's some advice to get it right every time.

Boiling is not recommend.
Steamed 8-10 min.
Microwaved 2-4 min.

cucinare gli asparagi

Click here for our delicous asparagus recipes.

Cooking Time for Beets

Remember that cooking times for beets will greatly vary depending on whether you choose to steam, boil or microwave these brightly colored root veggies.

Boiled 30-60 min.
Steamed 40-60 min.
Microwaved 9-12 min.

cucinare le barbabietole

Find a whole array of beet recipes here.

Cooking Time for Savoy Cabbage

Savoy cabbage, also known as Chinese cabbage, is thinner and lighter than traditional green cabbage. You'll want to cook it so it still retains its crunch.

Boiled: 3-4 min for stems, 1-1/2 min for leaves
Microwaved 2-4 min.

Cooking Time for Broccoli

Broccoli is among the most versatile vegetables in the kitchen. Cooking times are relatively short which makes it nice for weeknight dinners.

Boiled 4-6 min.
Steamed 5-6 min.
Microwaved 2-3 min.

cucinare broccoli

Give these stellar broccoli recipes a try.

Cooking Times for Brussels sprouts

Boiled: bring to a boil then simmer for 5-7 min. 
Steamed 8-10 min
Microwaved 4-6 min.

Cooking Time for Cauliflower

Boiled 4-6 min
Steamed 3-5 min,
Microwaved 2-3 min.
ricette cavolfiore

You'll love these flavorful cauliflower recipes.

Cooking Time for Carrots

Boiled 5-10 min
Steamed 4-5 min
Microwaved 4-5 min.
ricette carote

Try all of our carrot recipes.

Cooking Time for Eggplant

Boiled is not recommended
Steamed 5-6 min.
Microwaved 2-4 min. 

cucinare melanzane

Discover dozens of ways to cook eggplant.

Cooking Time for Mushrooms

Boiled is not recommended.
Steamed 4-5 min.
Microwaved 2-3 min.
ricette con i funghi

Click here for wonderful mushroom recipes.

Cooking Time for Green Peas

Boiled 8-12 min
Steamed 4-5 min.
Microwaved 2-3 min.

cucinare i piselli

Click here for tempting pea recipes.

Cooking Time for Peppers

Boiling is not recommended
Steamed 2-4 min.
Microwaved 2-3 min.
ricette con i peperoni

Learn the many ways to cook peppers.

Cooking Times for Potatoes

Boiled 15-20 min.
Steamed 10-12 min.
Microwaved 6-8 min.

Find our favorite potato recipes here.

Cooking Time for Spinach

Boiled 2-5 min.
Steamed 5-6 min.
Microwaved 1-2 min.
ricette con gli spinaci 

Click here for versatile spinach recipes.

Cooking Time for Zucchini

Boiled 3-5 min.
Steamed 4-6 min.
Microwaved 2-3 min.


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