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4 Vegan Sandwiches Worth Trying

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4 Vegan Sandwiches Worth Trying

A good sandwich - one prepared with the right texture and a delicious filling - is a thing of beauty. That's why we are mad for these vegan sandwiches chock-full of flavor in unexpected ways. There's one packed with garlicky hummus and veggies, burgers, tacos and even a surprising childhood favorite.

Which brings us to a burning question: are tacos and burgers considered sandwiches? Some find it debatable but we like to think anything 'sandwiched' between two pieces of carbs should count as one. Without further ado, the vegan sandwiches you'll want to eat again and again:


Make an enticing open-faced vegan sandwich using whole wheat bread, hummus and crunchy toppings like fresh cucumbers and sprouts. You could also serve this vegan sandwich in a mini baguette with alternate toppings (pictured up top).


A smoked tofu patty is the secret to making this vegan burger extra delicious. Blanched veggies take the place of lettuce while a creamy peanut sauce leaves you breathless.


Put a vegan spin on a Mexican classic with this fun recipe for tofu tacos. You'll need extra firm tofu for frying and tossing with a delectable Korean-inspired spicy sauce. Oh yeah, and the recipe calls kimchi...yay!

PB & J

Did you know that this childhood classic is completely vegan? That's right, kids. Peanut butter and jelly makes for awesome vegan sandwiches you can enjoy any time of day.

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