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6 Meatless Monday Vegan Dinner Choices

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6 Meatless Monday Vegan Dinner Choices

If you're taking Meatless Monday vegan you'll need to be armed with these vegan dinner recipes that offer both flavour and variety.

A vegan diet is more flexible than it might seem, despite no dairy products, you still have acess to a full pantry of pulses, grains, vegetables, tofu, dairy subsitutes, nuts, spices and herbs amongst many other delicious ingredients.

You needn't miss out on simple favouirtes like burgers and pizza which can still feature with a little modification.

Take your pick from these six vegan dinner recipes that'll fill you up and satisfy your taste buds.


Fancy a burger? Try this easy vegan recipe for millet burgers packed with tasty herbs, flax seeds and a Kohlrabi sauce. 

Vegan Scrambled Tofu

Like the idea of breakfast for dinner? Try this easy and tasty scrambled tofu recipe with zucchini.

Gluten Free Vegan Pizza

Monday night, pizza night? Here's a great gluten free and vegan recipe with spinach, vegan cheese and marinara sauce. 

Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice

For a fast tasty dinner try adding in your favourite vegetables to this Thai inspired dish.

Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa

This pepper stuffed with quinoa is a great satisfying gluten free meal. Just substitute in ground tofu for veal in the ingredients.

Vegan Chickpea Meatloaf

For a vegetarian style meatloaf try this easy and tasty vegan "meatloaf" recipe, prepared with chickpeas and breadcrumbs.

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