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Vegan Eggnog: Three Ways To Make A Velvety Holiday Drink

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Vegan Eggnog: Three Ways To Make A Velvety Holiday Drink

Traditional eggnog may be creamy and rich but it is not for everybody. Many people are turned off by the "eggy" flavor but there is no need to go through the holidays without a proper festive drink. You can toast to your heart's desire with velvety vegan eggnog.

Yes, eggnog can be vegan and incredibly delicious. So what goes into it? Nut milks are an obvious choice but you'll also see ingredients like chia seeds, coconut oil and spices pop up in recipes for vegan eggnog

For some tasty ideas on egg- and dairy-free holiday drinks take a look below. Don't forget your trusty blender! You'll need it to whip up these yummy vegan eggnogs.


This luxurious vegan eggnog recipe from Veggietorials is "rich and creamy and not too sweet." 



Think eating raw means saying farewell to eggnog? Not so! This delectable recipe for raw vegan eggnog will add plenty of cheer to your holiday season. It's made with dates, cashews, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Here's the how-to:



If you are looking for vegan eggnog with a little more oomph look no further than this recipe from Healthy Voyager TV. Vlogger Carolyn Scott-Hamilton uses vanilla pudding as a base, which yields a creamy nog that is hard to resist. Check it out:

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