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A Liquid Vegan Egg Is Finally a Reality

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A Liquid Vegan Egg Is Finally a Reality
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Until now the flax egg has been the closest vegan alternative to egg, as it is especially good at thickening baked goods. The frustrating part of the equation has been finding a liquid vegan egg with the flavor and texture of a real egg. Well, the wait is over thanks to Just Egg, a product that looks and tastes like egg but is 100% vegan.

What is a liquid vegan egg?


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San Francisco-based company JUST has just launched their latest vegan product: Just Egg. It is a liquid vegan egg that emulsifies when cooked. Unlike flax eggs, Just Egg looks and taste just like a scrambled chicken egg which allows it to be used in breakfast sandwiches, omelettes, and more.

Just Egg is cholesterol free and will soon be available at select retailers across the United States but the company is asking fans to help them reach supermarket shelves.

This is not the company's first vegan venture.  In recent years, JUST has launched vegan mayonnaise, vegan cookie dough and vegan salad dressings into the market.

What is Vegan Egg made from?


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Believe it or not, this liquid vegan egg is made from a protein found in mung beans, which have been a staple of Indian cuisine for thousands of years. The protein coagulates just like eggs and has a pleasant taste and texture, according to the company.

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