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7 Delicious Vegan Dessert Recipes

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7 Delicious Vegan Dessert Recipes
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Just because you're following a vegan diet or entertaining vegans doesn't mean you need to miss out on delicious dessert options with any number of satisfying vegan dessert recipes.

Although eggs, milk and butter might be out of the picture that's no reason to stop you coming up with some satisfying sweet toothed creations.

There are plenty of vegan substitutes or think outside the box and try enjoying more fruit cooked in unusual ways like flambed pineapple.

The vegan dessert recipes below will take you to dessert heaven in just one bite.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Vegan chocolate lovers will thank you for this decadent dessert using tofu as the main ingredient.

Poached Red Wine Pears

This elegant dish dinner party worthy dessert is perfect to serve up to a crowd, vegan or not.

Sweet Sticky Rice with Fruit

This Thai style dessert uses coconut milk to get that tropical creaminess topped off with the sweetness of mangoes and nectarines.

Gluten-Free Pecan Pie with Maple Syrup

Looking for a good old fashioned dessert - try this easy pecan pie that'll keep eveyone happy.

Grilled Pineapple Skewers

Looking for unusual grilling ideas? Try this grilled pineapple recipe for fruit skewers flambeed in rum, a yummy and light dessert, perfect with ice cream

Strawberries with Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Go for the sweetness of strawberries in this dish finished off with aged balsamic vinegar adding extra depth and interest to those fruity notes.

Chocolate Tofu Cake with Strawberries

Try this decadent chocolate dessert using vegan chocolate and tofu topped off with strawberries.

Crazy about eating vegan? You're not alone. Check out NASA's vegan menu for its Mars Mission, which is planned for the 2030s.

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