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How To Make A Vegan Christmas Pudding

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How To Make A Vegan Christmas Pudding
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Do you love traditional Christmas pudding but need a vegan twist on this holiday classic? We've got you covered. With this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful and delectable vegan Christmas pudding that will be the crowning glory of your holiday dinner.

What is Christmas Pudding?

No British Christmas would be complete without pudding. This delectable dessert is laced with liquor-soaked dried fruits and spices. It is more akin to a dense cake than a pudding. Most importantly, it tastes amazing!

Most traditional Christmas pudding recipes include the eggs and suet (a fat derived from beef or lamb). Hence, a vegan Christmas pudding needs to substitute these ingredients without losing flavor and moisture.

How To Make A Tasty Vegan Christmas Pudding

There are many variations of vegan Christmas pudding. Some recipes call for vegetable suet (which could be substituted with vegetable shortening) while others add grated apple or a different combination of juices to keep the pudding moist.

British grocery chain Tesco has a tasty recipe for vegan Christmas pudding (pictured up top) that you should definitely try. Find the recipe here.

image via The Veg Space

Here is another fantastic vegan Christmas pudding recipe from The Veg Space which calls for vegetable suet and soy yoghurt.

Cooking tip: using a flax egg would also yield a moist vegan Christmas pudding.

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