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Banana Milk: the Trendiest Vegan Milk Alternative

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Banana Milk: the Trendiest Vegan Milk Alternative

Have you tried banana milk? This plant-based alternative to dairy milk is rising in popularity with vegans thanks to its natural sweetness and creamy texture.

We first heard about vegan banana milk from the folks at The Kitchn and wanted to know what the hype was about. Are there advantages to drinking banana milk? Is it healthier than other plant-based milks? How do you make it?

Here is what we learned:

What is Vegan Banana Milk Exactly?

Essentially, banana milk is made with just two ingredients: bananas and water. Some would consider this blend a smoothie but the colour and texture make it an ideal substitute for cow's milk.

Why Should I Drink Banana Milk?

Although there are many different vegan milks out there – soy milk, coconut milk and almond milk are amongst the most popular – there seems to be a market for banana milk.

First, it is much cheaper and easier to make at home (for instance, it doesn't require pre-soaking the ingredients). Also, banana milk does not contain added sugars and is loaded with potassium, electrolytes, minerals and energy boosters like vitamin B.  

Plus, you could use it pretty much the same way you would regular milk: in cereal, smoothies, desserts and coffee.

How is Vegan Banana Milk Made?

Some banana milk recipes call for frozen bananas and the texture will be similar to that of nice cream. But many recipes also call for fresh bananas so you can use either.

The idea is to use speckled bananas to ensure the sweetest and most decadent banana milk.

via The Glowing Fridge

Try this easy recipe from The Glowing Fridge. Blogger Shannon calls her concoction banana mylk and it is rich, creamy and frothy.

Sesame Banana Milk

A fun way to jazz up banana milk is to make it with sesame seeds. These tiny seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and will add an incredible depth of flavour to this vegan milk.

Here is a great recipe from Youtuber CookingWithPlants who recommends adding a dash of vanilla and sea salt to banana milk.

Not into making your own? You could always reach for pre-made banana milk. This rare milk is available at Korean markets and through a US-based company called Banana Wave.

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