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7 Recipes For A Romantic Valentine's Day Breakfast

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7 Recipes For A Romantic Valentine's Day Breakfast

Normally, special occasions like Valentine's Day call for a dinner reservation but what about surprising your honey with a lovely breakfast in bed?

These romantic recipes will ensure your Valentine knows how much you appreciate them. These dishes are also perfect for birthdays or anniversaries so be sure to keep these recipes handy.

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice would be a nice accompaniment to these Valentine's Day breakfast recipes. Let the romance begin...

Romantic Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas: Begin With Coffee

To really impress your sweetie, prepare an exceptional cup of joe. Take a cue from Italians and have a little fun by adding a small scoop of gelato to espresso

Or why not use mascarpone cheese to whip up a creamy Italian coffee decorated with dark chocolate? It is almost like eating dessert for breakfast.

Try this tempting recipe.

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas: French Toast & Co.

Does you sweetie love French toast? Try making it with a rich bread like brioche. That small touch will make a big difference and will pair nicely with fresh berries and maple syrup.

Here is a simple French toast recipe.

If pancakes are more your style you can try this scrumptious recipe for chia pancakes with kumquats and persimmons. Just delightful!

Would you like to keep things a bit spicy? Try making this Mexican egg recipe - a tasty blend of tomato, peppers, garlic and chilies.

Learn how to make huevos rancheros.

If you have a little more time in the morning, prepare this stunning quiche Lorraine. This classic French recipe is sure to impress.

Here is a super easy Valentine's Day breakfast idea: prepare fresh fruit skewers with a seductive chocolate sauce - the perfect treat for a chocolate lover.

Try this tempting recipe.

Would you like to prepare a romantic Valentine's Day dinner too? Try these decadent recipes.

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