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5 Entrees That'll Seduce Your Valentine

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5 Entrees That'll Seduce Your Valentine

If you've decided to give over-rated restaurant valentine menus a miss and go it alone at home you'll need to be armed with some rewarding recipes for valentine's day food. As every romantic knows, food is the way to the heart.

With that in mind, we wanted to share five irresistible entrees that say romance with the first bite.

Don't forget to pair these recipes with the right wine to ensure a lovely Valentine's Day dinner.

And if all else fails, to be sure you've really secured your Valentine here are a selection of romantic chocolate recipes that will make your Valentine yours.

Duck Breast with Pomegranate

This dish is ideally suited to dinner for two giving you a chance to show off your expertise by cooking the duck to perfection and pink, tender and succulent.

Ratatouille Tartlet with Lamb and Rosemary Sabayon

This elegant tartlet filled with succulent vegetables and lamb will give you a chance to show off your advanced culinary skills with a sabayon sauce.

Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon with Shallots

Playing it safe? This is a fail safe option that will only take half an hour to cook, leaving you and your valentine plenty of time for romancing.

Scallops with Butternut Squash Caponata

If you're going for the chef touch try this recipe from New York chef Michael White. Scallops are always an impressive dish and even more so when sat on an unusual bed of butternut squash caponata.

Fillet Steak with Apples Poached in Red Wine

Feeling fruity? Try a classic steak salad with apples poached in red wine to capture those Valentine colours on a plate.

More: Round out your meal with side dishes and dessert by searching for dishes in our Recipes section.

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