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16 Reasons to Hang on to your Whey

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16 Reasons to Hang on to your Whey

If you've ever got into homemade cheese making, making ricotta, mozzarella or labneh, you'll have discovered that aside from your prized end product, you'll also be left with a lot of liquid, or whey.

Instead of being tempted to throw away, what might seem like a by-product from your cheese making process, there's actually a lot of goodness and flavour in this liquid lending itself to further cooking opportunities. It's an incredibly versatile liquid worthy of further use in dishes, adding acidic elements to baking, drinks and even feeding outdoor tomato plants.

What is whey?

Whey is a liquid by product of cheesemaking and is what's left over when milk is coagulated during the process of cheese production. It's the liquid that's left after milk has been curdled and strained.

There are two types of whey. Sweet whey, produced during the manufacture of hard cheeses like Cheddar or Swiss cheese and acid or sour whey, a byproduct produced during the making of acid types of dairy products like cottage cheese or strained yogurt.  

Uses of Whey

1. Use it in baking to give your bake a tangy sourdough flavour. Pancakes, flatbread and waffles are just a few of the bakes that'll benefit from whey.

2. Add it to smoothies and juices for an acidic kick.

3. Use whey as a brine to tenderise turkey or chicken.

4. Turn sweet whey into ricotta.

5. Make cultured butter.

6. Feed your tomato plants.

7. Use it in stocks and soups.

8. Substitute for milk in bechamel sauce.

9. Lacto-ferment veggies and fruits

10. Use for soaking whole wheat flours.

11. Submerge cheeses like feta in it to keep them fresh. 

12. Use whey to make sauerkraut and other fermented favourites.

13. Use whey to boiling noodles, oatmeal, quinoa or cooking rice.

14. Thin out a batch of homemade hummus or pesto with whey.

16. Turn it into ice cream or yoghurt.


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