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Unreal Quail Eggs will Fool and Thrill Your Guests

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Unreal Quail Eggs will Fool and Thrill Your Guests

Here’s a really fun Christmas dinner idea to surprise your friends and family with from the highly creative team at Chefsteps.

They may look like little eggs but these Unreal Quail Eggs are actually made using passionfruit and lemon grass and they’re sure to completely throw your guests when placed on the table in front them.

The recipe is not easy and requires some pretty tricky techniques but the comments from the community show that they are entirely possible to make in a home kitchen.

Fresh passion fruit may well be an issue at this time of year but the recipe says you can also switch it for a frozen puree.

Don’t let the mention of a centrifuge put you off - the recipe can still be done without and from the look of the finished eggs, this recipe is well worth the four hours it will take to create.

Watch the video below and see the detailed recipe for the dish on Chefsteps. 

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