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12 Types of Stuffed Pasta You Should Know

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12 Types of Stuffed Pasta You Should Know

Be honest. Aside from ravioli, how many types of stuffed pasta can you name? If your list comes up short then it's time for some fooducation courtesy of this nifty infographic from the folks at Food Republic.

Aside from listing 12 different types of stuffed pasta this visual guide offers a brief description of each one, making it easier for you to distinguish tortellini from tortelloni and agnolotti from cappelletti. Armed with this knowledge you'll be able to shop at your local Italian specialty market with ease and impress friends and family with a spectacular meal. 

Serious about getting better acquainted with Italian pasta? We suggest you roll up your sleeves and prepare our authentic egg dough from scratch then use it to make your choice of stuffed pasta with this delectable ricotta and herb filling.

Hungry for more? Try these pasta recipe ideas.

Via Food Republic

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