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10 Steaks from Around the World

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10 Steaks from Around the World

Here's a fun infographic from Pettitts detailing 10 different types of beef steak from around the world, from a classic New York Strip to a Mexican cecina, a Korean kalbi flank to steak tartare.

There's also a guide to which condiments and sides to serve with each, and also where the cut comes from on the animal. How many of these 10 types of steak have you tried?

Of course, with only 10 featured here, there's a whole world of steak out there. What's the best type of steak you've ever had and where? Let us know over on our Facebook page

Of course, if you want to get deeper still, here's a guide to 60 different beef cuts and how to cook them.

Is this the best way to cook a steak, period?


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