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42 Types of Ramen Explained

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42 Types of Ramen Explained

Here's another great food infographic from the Japanese Foodie blog, this time focusing on ramen. Ramen is hugely popular all over the world, but how many different styles do you actually know of or have tried?

The infographic below really dives in, detailing 42 different types of ramen, including what's in each and how they're written in Japanese. It just goes to show you what you can do with a few simple ingredients and how many different flavour profiles there are to enjoy with a steaming bowl of ramen.

Indeed, that flavour is layered from the bottom-up, starting with a really good broth and plenty of fat, as ramen-master Ivan Orkin explains in these two videos. It's a great dish to get messy with too, so forget the table manners and get slurping!

Learn more about the history of ramen here.

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