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Alchemy of Coffee: 39 Coffee Drinks Explained

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Alchemy of Coffee: 39 Coffee Drinks Explained
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Coffee lovers rejoice, we have the perfect infographic for you. This beauty from the Japanese Foodie blog lays out 39 types of coffee drinks from round the world and details exactly how they're made, from the types of coffee used to the milk, spices and if you prefer, booze that can be added to make any number of different types of coffee drinks.

It's amazing how coffee is the basis for so many tasty drinks; drinks that give you a nice little buzz along with great flavour and a powerful whack of alcohol if so inclined – check out this guide to 20 different coffee cocktails for more ideas.

Coffee is also a great ingredient to cook with – take a look at cooking with coffee recipes from five top chefs.

The infographic was designed by SweeTooth Design LLC and is available to buy in poster form from the Japanese Foodie shop

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