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12 Chili Peppers and How to Cook With Them

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12 Chili Peppers and How to Cook With Them

The great thing about chilies is that there are so many different types of chili pepper that you're sure to find something to bolster your dishes with that great chili flavour, without inadvertently testing yourself or your guests' pain threshholds – unless you want to of course.  Some people love a great whack of chili heat, others prefer something much more subtle. We don't judge. 

This helpful infographic from the cookware store Williams Sonoma, lists 12 different types of chili pepper of varying heats, from the gentle padron to the tongue-blistering habanero and the types of cuisine in which they're used.

If you're used to cooking woth something fairly mild, why not try upping the Scoville rating – the scale that measures chili heat? Or why not try dialling it down a touch and seeing how that affects the flavour? You might find you prefer it. 

One chili you definitely don't want to be cooking with is this Dragon's Breath chili, which has an incredible 2.2 million Scoville rating. 

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