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49 Drinks to Try on Your Travels

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49 Drinks to Try on Your Travels
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As the world opens up and people become more adventurous with what they eat and drink – well, not everyone – it’s only natural they be inquisitive about the ingredients and processes that go into making unfamiliar foods and types of alcoholic drink.

This handy infographic from lists 49 types of alcoholic drink from around the world, their ingredients and, in a few basic steps, how they are made. There are familiar ones here, such as mezcal and cachaça, and also less familiar types of alcoholic drink, such as Arrack, a South East Asian drink made from fermented coconut flower sap, or tapeche, a gentle Mexican concoction made from pineapple rinds.

It also lists the alcohol content of each, which is always good – some would say vital – to know when trying a drink for the first time. Of course, these are all average ABVs: we’re sure some of you have decided to tackle a giant–killing absinthe or a ferociuos overproof rum head on before. If you’ve tried every drink on here, then top marks to you.

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