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Easy Tuscan Recipes

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Easy Tuscan Recipes
Photo Gphoto/Wikimedia Commons

Food from Tuscany is legendary. As the great cookbook author Claudia Roden once said everyone who falls in love with this Italian region does so because ''the dishes evoke its tender climate and briliant light, the gentle harmony of contrasting hills and valleys, vineyard and rock...''

Roden's words are enough to inspire a massive craving for Tuscan food. These delightful recipes, which date back centuries, are the closest thing to having a Tuscan nonna guide you in the kitchen.

Whether you've visited Italy before or only in your dreams, these recipes will bring the vibrance of Tuscany to your table. All you'll need is a glass of Tuscan vine to make your meal even more special. Buon appetito!

Renaissance Pheasant with Bacon and Prunes

Crispy Lampredotto Sandwich

Panzanella Salad

Tuscan Cantuccini Cookies

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