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5 Tuscan Foods To Have on Your Christmas Table

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5 Tuscan Foods To Have on Your Christmas Table
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If you have a weakness for all things Italian, why not add a bit of Tuscany to your Christmas celebration? Aside from enjoying Tuscan staples like wine and olive oil, which should already be in your pantry, we'd like to recommend a few other foods that are incredibly tasty.

The following Tuscan foods will not only enhance your Christmas menu but will also be a hit with your guests:

Pecorino Cheese 

Tuscany's number one cheese is a treat for the senses. Pecorino, which is made of sheep's milk, is a semi-aged cheese perfect for serving with pastas or with a drizzle of honey.

Chicken Liver Crostini

Treat your holidays guests to the most emblematic of all Tuscan appetizers. Chicken liver crostini is a beloved traditional dish flavored with red wine and served with onions.

Tuscan Cured Meats

Whether you're a fan of Tuscan PDO ham, fennel-infused finocchiona sausage or lardo di colonnata, a holiday antipasto platter isn't complete with at least one of these tasty cured meats.

Tuscan Honey

Artisan Tuscan honey comes in a variety of intriguing flavors including strawberry tree, honeydue and sulla, which is produced from a foraged plant that grows in the Mediterranean. It's great for baking or sweetening hot beverages.

Tuscan Panforte

Christmas in Tuscany is not complete without a glass of Vin Santo (Italian dessert wine) and a few pieces of panforte, a traditional dessert made with candied and dried fruits.

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