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Have You Heard of Turmeric Soda? Here's How To Make It

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Have You Heard of Turmeric Soda? Here's How To Make It

For years, turmeric has been hailed as a curative spice used in everything from Indian stews to the trendy golden milk. But here is an unexpected way to use this healing spice: make turmeric soda!

Yes, turmeric soda is a thing now and it is bubbly, sweet and delicious. Just the thing to down next time you are seeking a refreshing drink that is also good for you.

Why Should I Drink Turmeric Soda?

Incorporating turmeric into your meals it doesn't necessary mean it's being absorbed by the body. Fermenting this Indian spice allows it to be more bioavailable, according to a study published by International Journal Of Food Science And Technology.

This other study indicates that pairing black pepper with turmeric helps the body absorb curcumin, the active ingredient that makes turmeric a mighty spice. Which means you should consider adding black pepper to your homemade turmeric soda, just like Colleen from Grow Forage Cook Ferment indicates in her recipe.

photo: Grow Forage Cook Ferment

How To Make Turmeric Soda

Making turmeric soda requires a base. This is called a turmeric bug, a starter that helps the soda ferment and obtain carbonation. The turmeric bug is prepared a few days in advance and when it gets nice and bubbly it is ready to be added to the soda mix.

You'll find a great tutorial for making a turmeric bug here.

In terms of turmeric soda recipes there are many out there. Some call for turmeric, ginger and black pepper while others incorporate lime or lemon into the mix.

You can try this easy recipe for turmeric-lime soda from It Takes Time

photo: Yummy Kefir

Another way to add more flavor to turmeric soda is to prepare it with ginger beer and kefir. Here is the must-try recipe from Yummy Kefir.

Click here to learn all about the history, health benefits and uses of turmeric.

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